• Tucson, AZ, USA

  • Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico

About us.

In a globalized economy, manufacturing companies are under intense pressure to reduce cost, while maintain quality, time to market and superb customer service. In order to accomplish these goals, shifting the labor intensive to Mexico might be the solution

Nearshoring to Mexico is the could be the best decision since the past five years cost of operation in Mexico is more competitive than China.

Who are we?
Mo-Mex is a United State company that provide manufacturing services under a U.S. contract. Therefore, client’s does not have to bear the challenges of incorporation a Mexican corporation, nor face unfamiliar laws, regulations and business practices.

Therefore, be reassured that when doing business with Mo-Mex your proprietary rights are protected through Non-Disclosure Agreements. In the same matter, contracts are governed within US jurisdiction and day-to-day business is conducted in the same way as with any other U.S. supplier.

When selecting Mo-Mex’s Full Service Shelter Program, clients could start production on less than 90 days from the date both companies enter into the business agreement.  Our unique approach allows the client to focus entirely to production, training and quality, while Mo-Mex would take care of the daily administrative, personnel management and customs and environmental procedures.

For almost thirty years Mo-Mex has been helping international companies establish production facilities in Mexico. Mo-Mex is part of a diversified family of companies that encompasses maquiladora shelter manufacturing services; industrial-commercial-residential real estate development; industrial parks, construction; large-scale commercial farming, commercial poultry breeding for broiler and egg; agribusiness value chain & food processing (world-class meat packing).

At the end of the day, we are 100% committed to helping you to profit from our perspective. Allow Mo-Mex the opportunity to taylor a program that would fit your needs by calling to discuss your project at 520-399-5058, or email us at momex@mo-mex.com

Office locations

U.S. Corporate Office
333 North Wilmot Rd. suite 340
Tucson, Arizona 85711
Mexico Corporate Office
Blvd. Eje 1 y Calle Eje B
Parque Industrial
Navojoa, Sonora 85895