• Tucson, AZ, USA

  • Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico

Leasing inventory buildings.

Our Clean Room

MO-MEX Corporation has available a 38,000 square feet (3,530 square meters) building in the Navojoa Industrial park with two Class 8 clean rooms. It was built in 2002 for Medsource Technologies, Inc., and was used by Medsource and its successor, Accellent Division of UTI, It was used exclusively for the manufacture of medical Equipment.  It is immediately available at a full service annual rental of $4.80 per square foot.

Building Floor Plan

Building Specifications

  • -Located in Navojoa Industrial Park, in Navojoa Sonora, Mexico, 365 (598 Km) miles south of the U.S. border at Nogales, Arizona
  • -Interior space built in 2002.
  • -Used exclusively for the manufacturing of medical equipment.
  • -Designed and build under the supervision of Cawley Architects of Phoenix, Arizona.

Clean Rooms Equipment

  • -Flush clean-room fluorescent lights.
  • -Poured vinyl floors with curved coping at edges.
  • -Compressed air distribution grid.
  • -Conference/Office rooms.
  • -Air Conditioning: Two 80 tons and one 20 tons units.


  • -34,500 Volt 3-phase utility supply with 1000 KVA transformer.
  • -75 KVA and 45 KVA power panels.
  • -Fire alarm system.
  • -Fire shutters.
  • -Three trailer loading docks.

Main Clean Room

  • -216' x 60' (12,690 square feet) with 10' ceiling (65.8 m x 18.3 m (1240 meters squared) with 3m ceiling)
  • -ISO 14644-1 Class 8 (100,000 particles per cubic foots)
  • -Has tested Class 7 (10,000 particles per cubic foot)
  • -45 air changes per hour
  • -Positive air pressure, digital instrument controls
  • -Ceiling Trolley Duct power supply system

Secondary Clean Room

  • -48' x 40' (1920 square feet) with 10' ceiling (14.6 m x 12.2 m (178.4 meters squared) with 3m ceiling)
  • -Also Class 8 and has tested Class 7
  • -Positive air pressure